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American Stars - Blue Magic

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American Stars: Blue Magic

Blue Magic is a tidal wave of flavors that will leave your mind rush!

Blue Magic combines a wide range of fruit flavors, such as raspberry, strawberry and a rush of cool, icy Menthol. This unique blend is absolutely amazing!

Contents: 10 ml
Ratio ratio PG / VG 50% PG 50% VG:

Which e-cigarette "coil" can best use of this e-liquid?

These e-iquid is in 0, 3, 6, 12, 18mg of nicotine and is suitable for: e-cigarettes with [ohm], and [ohm +] Coils, because the PG / GF ratio is 50/50.

This e-liquid has a 50/50 PG / GF ratio. This ensures perfect flavor and tenderness in the throat. by the 50/50 ratio is the liquid is not thick or thin, so it can be done by both coils above and below the 1.0 Ohm to be evaporated.

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What does Ohm coils in?

[Ohm] coil: In all the coils below the 1.0 Ohm, the vapor is equal inhaled over the lungs. This mimics a hookah after effect and is therefore suitable for tobacco, fruit and special flavors with VG above 50VG

[Ohm +] When coils above the 1.0 Ohm, the steam first into the mouth and can then be inhaled over the lungs. This mimics the effect of a traditional cigarette after. suitable for making tobacco, fruit and special flavors with VG under 50VG

What does a nicotine level in an e-cigarette compared to a tradtional cigarette?

As you can see there is a wide range of nicotine levels. a nicotine level of the e-cigarette is based on 1 packet of cigarettes in Europe, that is a nicotine level of an e-cash and cash you have to divide by 20 "pack of cigarettes". for example 18mg nicotine e-liquid divided by 20 then you come to 0.9 mg of nicotine. 0.9 mg nicotine is a heavy level in traditional cigarettes. see, in particular a table with references:

e-liquids nicotine level> Traditonal cigarette
0mg = ZERO
12mg = NORMAL
18mg = HEAVY

How do I know when the coil needs to be replaced?

Replace the coil regularly since the coil burnup. But how do I know when the coil is burned out and when I need to buy some new ?. The coil is burned as the e-liquid no longer gives the full flavor, you can look for the security or the white of the coil cotton has turned brown. Many people wonder if the coil must be replaced. this is up to the vapor behavior of the person. find below an indication when the coil must be replaced.

Smoker> coil replacement

• You smoke (e) less than 10 cigarettes per day = coil to replace the 1.5 week
• You smoke (e) between 10 and 20 cigarettes per day = coil to replace the one week
• You smoke (e) more than 20 cigarettes per day = coil changed every 5 days


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