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SMOK was established in 2013, based in the city of Shenzhen, compatible with SMOK coils , SMOK clearomizers & SMOK pyrex slides.

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Smok e-cigarette

Through continuous research and development of new technologies, Smok e-cigarette has launched a series of patented products that have a major impact on the vape industry. Smok e-cigarette was established in 2010 and the leading brand of Shenzen IVPS Technologo Co. Limited. Because of their focus on technology, the Smok e-cigarette is one of the first-class brands in the electronic cigarette industry. Smok focuses on all types of electronic cigarette products from vaporizers to e-liquids. Smok is committed to making the best Smok e-cigarette as an alternative to normal tobacco for healthier and happier consumers. Smok products and Smok e-cigarettes are currently used by 80 million consumers worldwide.