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40 - 80 Watts 40 - 80 Watts

mods from 40 to 80 watts you buy at Mr-joy !!

mods with a wattage between 40 and 80 watts are powerful and ideal for the experienced damper, there is a perfect balance between battery life, size and vapor and taste experience. As the fumes now all become a bit of a sirieuser, we can go deeper into wattage. see bottom page.

Wattage: is   a physical measurement unit to indicate ability. It is made up of a unit of time and energy, which means that the more Watt the longer the battery is and the more energy it can deliver. This energy can be set via the menu with the sign VW " variable wattag e. This energy" VW "setting is determined by the coil and e-liquid. The higher the VG" Eplicity "of the e-liquid" which produces more full vapor and taste, "the higher you need to set the wattage to convert this spicy e-liquid into vapor.

Low-resistance coils "Ohm" can provide high wattage, allowing them to convert high vg liquids into full vapor.

The setting of the wattage is indicated on the site at each coil and even engraved in the coil.